In development for film release in 2018,

Don will play one of the lead roles in a new work

Shaped by Trees 

by Biasino Pezzimenti & Konstantin Koukias

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This opera will open your heart, whether you are young or old, to the mysterious world of love, fragility, dogma and finally devotion.We go back and forth in time while Eva, our protagonist, tells her story from a nursing home, where she is suffering the ravages of Alzheimer’s and a tired heart.

Tarka (Don Bemrose) is an idealistic seminarian student who remains in conflict with his immovable, crushing, dominating church and his love for the sensuous Eva. His spiritual aspirations begin to flicker like the light in Eva’s mind, as their love for each other ignites.

Our two lovers are at a dangerous crossroad in their young lives. And like an untried love sometimes will, they carelessly break tradition. They are exposed and raw only to find mercy, beautiful lust and sanctuary within natures indomitable spirit.

It is a love story as well as a journey. We go backwards and forwards in time, told by the elderly sick Eva whose memory is now a servant to Alzheimer’s

Throughout, there is always hope, there is forgiveness, but mostly it is the human condition that takes us up to heaven and back to the earth again,again and again.

With the neoteric and intensely atmospheric composition of Konstantin’s irresistible music and the roaring poetic images of Biasino’s libretto; together they bring an exciting fresh voice to opera.

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